About Eini Bros


About Eini Bros

For over 70 years, Eini Bros have been at the forefront of cleaning and repair of rugs, upholstery and curtains in Israel. Its main service include:

  • Cleaning of carpets, upholstery and curtains
  • Repair and restoration of carpets
  • Maintenance and treatment for wear and tear and fading of carpets
  • Treatment of fire and water damage vis-à-vis insurance companies
  • Artistic treatment and repair of valuable oriental rugs

The company was established in 1950 by the late Menashe Eini, who acquired his professional training and experience abroad. Over the years, while gaining experience and developing expertise, the company has grown and gained recognition for its professionalism and reliability, and become a household name in its field. At present, the company is managed by the family's second and third generations, who have learned and assimilated love for the trade and its secrets.

Eini Bros provides service to over 100,000 customers from both the private and business sectors, each year treating about 90,000 sqm of all types of portable rugs, and over 250,000 sqm of wall-to-wall carpets.

The company's business-institutional department provides nationwide service in the cleaning of all textile items, as well as sales of professional indoor/outdoor entry mats and rugs.

The company's regular customers include hotels, museums, office buildings, factories, and various government institutions.

The Eini Bros employs dozens of textile workers and experts who undergo regular professional training. They are committed to providing impeccable service and achieving the best possible results, thus ensuring our customers' full satisfaction. The company's facility is equipped with the most advanced technical equipment in the textile industry, and its workers are experienced and highly skilled in authentic traditional techniques applied in the artistic repair of valuable antique carpets.

Eini Bros implement an stringent quality assurance policy in line with ISO 9002. Thus, all cleaning, repair and restoration work in the company is performed thoroughly and professionally at the highest standards in the sector, while protecting quality of environment through use of green cleaning agents.

Among our customers:

The Ministry of Defense, ZAP Yellow Pages, Amdocs, Tel Aviv Museum, Museum of Babylonian Judaism, Dan Hotels, the Council for a Beautiful Israel, Hilton Hotels, The Knesset, Discount Bank, Bank Hapoalim, The President's House, Israel Museum, National Coal Company, insurance companies, appraisal companies, and collectors, as well as many private customers from all over Israel.